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WEST 240

As part of its long-range development planning, the University of Alberta deemed some of its lands as no longer essential to its academic and research needs. These lands included the significant section of land known as West 240 — a section of roughly 220 acres of land located between the communities of Grandview and Lansdowne, and between Whitemud Creek and 122 Street.

UAPT has been entrusted with developing these lands, beginning with public engagement activities starting in January 2023.

UAPT will hold community engagement events to collect input from neighbouring residents. Go to the project site: www.west240.site


Home concept on field
West 240 Aerial Photo with land area outlined

An Extraordinary Community-Building Opportunity

The West 240 lands lie in the heart of Edmonton, one of Canada’s youngest and fastest-growing cities. The size and location of the lands represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a large-scale, people-centred community that contributes to the vitality of the surrounding neighbourhoods and the city of Edmonton.

UAPT is in the earliest stages of imagining what the development of the West 240 lands could include.

Engaging Key Stakeholders

UAPT is committed to a robust and transparent engagement process to inform how the West 240 lands should be developed. This process includes:

      1. Consulting with subject matter experts and community leaders on identifying key community-building trends and opportunities to consider when developing the West 240 lands.

        Timeline: Spring and Summer, 2022

      2. Public consultation and feedback on key community-building themes emerging from subject matter experts and community leaders.

        Timeline: January 2023

      3. Public consultation on initial land use concepts developed in partnership with a development consultant.

        Timeline: Early 2023

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