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Supporting Sustainable Communities

The University of Alberta Properties Trust supports sustainable communities and the positive impact of trees in urban environments.

Trust Trees Seedling

Cultivating Sustainable Urban Havens:

The Trust Trees Initiative

Trust Trees, as championed by the University of Alberta Properties Trust, symbolize a commitment to fostering sustainable communities and recognizing the invaluable contributions of trees within urban landscapes. These trees embody a multi-faceted approach to urban development that extends beyond conventional boundaries. They represent the intricate relationship between environmental health and human well-being by serving as pillars of urban resilience. The Trust envisions not only the conventional benefits of trees, such as cleaning the air, filtering water, providing habitats, and enriching lives, but also their potential to fortify the bonds within communities. 

Cleaning Air

Filtering Water

Providing Habitat

Enriching Lives

To achieve this vision, the Trust is dedicated to actively providing seedlings to the communities they nurture, ensuring that these environments flourish and evolve into vibrant, interconnected oases of ecological and social harmony. By promoting the growth of Trust Trees, the University of Alberta Properties Trust is sowing the seeds of a greener, healthier, and more united urban future.