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board of directors

Jim Brown

P. Eng
Founder, Sherrick Management

Director & Vice-Chair


Jim, a leading professional in the land development industry, holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta, earned in 1971. With a career spanning over five decades, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Edmonton and Calgary.

In 1976, Jim founded Sherrick Management, initially as a corporate partner in the Bruyer Partnership. The latter evolved into the Brycon Consulting Group, a prominent name in planning, engineering, and legal survey consulting services. In 1986, Brycon Consulting Group was acquired by Stantec (Stanley), marking a significant chapter in Jim’s professional journey.

Sherrick Management as a project manager and land developer for diverse land development projects in Edmonton and Calgary, contributing significantly to urban development.

He is an active member of professional associations, including APEGA, UDI, CHBA, and ULI, fostering industry collaboration.

Beyond his professional life, Jim is committed to community service and contributing to healthcare initiatives. Jim is an Emeritus Trustee and Past Chair of the University Hospital Foundation, he co-chairs the Brain Centre Campaign and serves on the Prostate Campaign Cabinet.

Jim’s community engagement extends to various roles, such as Board Member at the Edmonton Downtown Galleria Foundation, Co-chair of the Dean’s Advisory Committee for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and participation in the Downtown Recovery Coalition. His passion for the arts is evident through his support for the Edmonton Opera. Further, Jim supports the Kids with Cancer Society and serves as an Advisor to the Edmonton Cultural Trust Foundation.

Jim’s diverse contributions across professional affiliations, community service, and cultural initiatives exemplify a life dedicated to positive impact.