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University lands
for the public good

The University of Alberta, in keeping with best practices of post-secondary institutions across Canada,
seeks to transform its land assets for the public good.


Uplifting the Whole People

The University of Alberta was created at the birthplace of the city and the province, on land that had been a gathering place for centuries. “Uplifting the whole people” was its founding mission, and it continues to guide the university as it remains a steward of its assets in Alberta.

Over the years, the U of A has acquired land through its own resources and thanks to generous donors. The South Campus land, which the university purchased in 1930 and 1941, is an example of that history.

Since the 1980s the university has respectfully and responsibly consulted with its neighbours, with the municipal and provincial governments, and with universities across the country on potential development opportunities. A land trust is a proven and common way to transform university-owned land into financial endowments that will benefit teaching, research, and citizenship for generations to come.

The University of Alberta Properties Trust  was incorporated in 2015 to manage land and development on behalf of the university, and to transfer all net revenues to the UofA Board of Governors.

Volunteer members of the trust are individuals with deep business and community experience committed to serve the university through a clear mandate from the university’s Board of Governors. Our master plan, our land use designations, and our development will move in harmony with the long range development plan of the University of Alberta and the City of Edmonton. The work of the trust will abide by smart growth design principles, embracing social, environmental, architectural and economic goals.

Virtual Open House

Public Engagement - Virtual Open House

Michener Park Redevelopment Project

Stantec Consulting, on behalf of the University of Alberta Properties Trust, has prepared several concept options for a redevelopment plan for Michener Park, located in the Malmo Plains neighbourhood.

Our second virtual Open House for local residents and property owners, was held on July 15, 2021 where the following was presented:

  • Share the concepts
  • Obtain feedback on the concept options
  • Outline the upcoming project process

Presentation PDF

Video of Virtual Meeting

Questions & Answers

Comments Received About the Project

Feedback or questions regarding the presentation can be submitted on our Contact Us page.



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A Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued to solicit submissions from qualified firms to provide professional consulting services and land planning services for the development of a Master Planning and Urban Design Development Plan for The University of Alberta Properties Trust (UAPT) on the lands commonly known as Michener Park.

Integral to the objectives and deliverables of this project, it will include innovation in urban design and the achievement of urban excellence, inclusion of broad community aspirations and identity, social, environmental, and economic sustainability and resilience.

Michener Park’s History

Michener Park opened on November 6, 1967, by the Right Honourable Roland Michener, Governor General at the time. Michener Park was designated as a University of Alberta residence for couples and students with families. This unique community was home to thousands of people from around the world.

Michener Park Sign at Front Entrance
Michener Park Aerial View
Michener Park Marionette & Vanier House


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